Keeping Your Ford Vehicle Clean with Travelling Pets

When it comes to transporting your family pet around the local Winchester, VA area, it's important to be focused on their overall comfort throughout the trip. Once you get home, you'll find that there is likely a hairy mess that your dog or cat could've left behind. Shedding is the natural process of fur falling from your dog's body, or hair from your cat. Take these steps to make sure you are prepared for you and your pet's next road trip:

  1. First, you want to bathe and brush your dog prior to entering to the vehicle for the trip. It is ideal to use shampoo that is specifically made to control shedding.
  2. Cover vehicle carpet with a sheet or blanket. This will catch the pet's fur.
  3. If you find pet fur in your vehicle after arriving at your destination, then you will want to vacuum the vehicle.
  4. Allowing your pet to ride in a cargo van or SUV will keep hair that has shed in the back of the vehicle, and therefore there will be less hair floating around during your trip.

Be sure to stop into our dealership at 1911 Valley Avenue in Winchester to find the perfect vehicle for the unique needs of your pet!

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