Ford Escape: Smart Utility and Convenience

Families looking for a reliable crossover SUV should explore the Ford Escape. Starting at just less than $24,000 at Malloy Ford, this car is loaded with convenient interior amenities. The Titanium trim boasts the best possible features that are available on the lineup.

You have several simple ways to keep the Escape's cabin at desirable temperatures. On a chilly day, you'll probably want to turn on the heating function for the steering wheel. A dual-zone climate control system with electronic temperature control responds to your preferences. Additionally, the Panoramic Vista Roof regulates the flow of air and penetration of sunlight into the cockpit.

Fumbling for keys is an inconvenient habit of the past when you use the Intelligent Access Key technology in the Escape. With a gentle touch of the driver's door handle, you'll gain access to the cabin with ease. A push-button start system also works with this innovative key.



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