The Ford Super Duty gives workers excellent utility for professional tasks and personal errands. This heavy-duty pickup truck has one of the most versatile powertrain systems in its class. You can choose the XL, Lariat, Limited and other editions that are split into the 250, 350, and 450 levels.

Displacing up to 6.2 L, the V8 engine block in this Ford pickup truck is more versatile than ever before. If you're driving in an urban area with abundant gas stations, fill the car's fuel tank with unleaded gasoline. When navigating remote areas with limited fuel pumps, you could fill the vehicle's tank with compressed natural gas. Additionally, you may bring a reserve of propane Autogas for the versatile and efficient eight-cylinder engine in this powerful Ford pickup truck. You will have to ask Malloy Ford of Winchester about the Engine Prep Package that makes the powertrain compatible with such energy sources.



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