Ford Ranger: Great Digital Technology for Adventures

Having smart technology and a reliable mechanical platform, the Ford Ranger pickup truck is an awesome option for adventurous families. Four people could ride in the SuperCab, and five individuals may hop inside the SuperCrew. Malloy Ford of Winchester sells the XLT and other models with both cabin styles.

As you focus on steering the Ford Ranger in unfamiliar settings, the Dual 4.2-inch Productivity Screens issue vital information without causing any distractions. Two crisp displays flank a central speedometer, which also shows the real-time gear selections. From navigation to fuel economy, you can view travel-related data on the LCD monitors in the instrument panel.

Don't worry if your mobile devices run low on power while you're driving this Ford pickup truck. You may plug various electronic accessories into an AC-type outlet with a 110-volt/150-watt specification. Two additional charging ports have 12-volt designation for common mobile gadgets. Valuable electronics should be locked inside the glove box when you leave this pickup truck.



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