Power, Performance & Innovation: The 2020 Ford Mustang

The 2020 Ford Mustang has made a huge impact in the automobile industry as this car keeps getting better with age. Consumers can expect to receive a wide range of features from the inside-out. This car is race-inspired thanks to its phenomenal racing heritage, but there's more.

The interior of the Mustang hosts plenty of technologies. You can enjoy your favorite tunes via the CD player, or you can connect to the system via a smartphone. Of course, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are built in for even more convenience. The car's ambient interior lighting is beautiful, and the vanity mirrors have illumination capability. The new Mustang takes it further by offering a plethora of advanced safety features. This includes Pre-Collison Assist, rain-sensing wipers, Forward Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency headlamps and Adaptive Cruise Control.

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