When to Replace Your Tires

Worn tires have very negative effects on your vehicle. They also create incredibly dangerous driving conditions. A worn tire has poor traction, especially in bad weather, and can be blown out or go flat at any time.

To prevent possible catastrophe, use the "Honest Abe" test. In this test, you will take a penny and stick it in the tread of your tire with Abe Lincoln upside down. If you can see his whole head, you need new tires.

Take your vehicle to your local dealership on a regular basis and have them rotate and check the pressure of your tires. Also, have them check your tires' alignment. Taking these precautions can save your life and save money through gas mileage.

If you notice your car slipping in wet road conditions, your treads are most likely worn down too far. Most tires have a "wear bar," a cross pattern in the tire that signifies the tire is past its prime. When you see this pattern, you are way past time for new tires. Come and meet with the service team at our dealership in Winchester, VA to discuss your tire options.

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