Is your vehicle pulling to the left or right? Have you been noticing uneven or rapid tire wear? Does your steering wheel go crooked despite driving straight? Are your squealing tires annoying past your breaking point? Perhaps you have even removed everything from your trunk to ensure that weight isn't the issue. It looks like you might have a wheel alignment issue. Bad wheel alignment can cause years to be taken off the lifespan of your tires, we're talking about losing thousands of miles off your tires.

Having a misalignment might even cause your steering and suspension to malfunction. It could cost you hundreds of dollars to replace your tires or various other parts, so get those wheels aligned and save yourself some trouble. A perfect wheel alignment means optimal driveability, so come to Malloy Ford and get your wheels aligned so your vehicle can continue to run smoothly and efficiently. Even the smallest amount of wheel misalignment can cause some serious issues for you and your vehicle, so don't waste time. If you're having alignment issues, make your way to Malloy Ford and get those wheels snapped back into shape.


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